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Adult Game Pass – Extreme Interactive Sex Fantasies

There are plenty of hardcore game sites out there, but Adult Game Pass comes with games that are featuring some fetishes and fantasies you don’t usually see in porn games. It’s also a brand-new site with fresh games, so everything you will play on the platform comes in HTML5 graphics. You can just enter and start playing the games. No registration and no payment needed. Just confirm that you are over 18 and that you are OK with aggressive and violent sex action. The games can be a bit hardcore at times, and some might find that hard to take. Let’s see what makes Adult Game Pass so hardcore.

The Fantasies On Adult Game Pass

On one hand, this site brings you titles with regular hardcore porn game fantasies. There are the usual anal sex and deep throat, some BDSM sessions in which both male and female characters are dominating some helpless slaves, but in all games the slaves are girls. And on the other hand, there are some fantasies rarely approached by other sites. One thing I like is a porn game in which you have a fisting action available. Fisting in porn games is truly rare. The collection also comes with games featuring extreme plot lines which are making the action even more exciting. There’s a lesbian game in which a bad ass chick is fucking babes at gunpoint, and in another game you can be a burglar who gets to fuck a girl in a home he just broke in. Other fantasies include office sex, some family roleplay and as mentioned before, some BDSM sessions. I love what they did with the bondage games. You get to have slaves tied up in all kinds of positions and you have so many interesting sex toys to fill their holes with. There’s also a BDSM gang bang game that I think you will enjoy.

Graphics and Characters on Adult Game Pass

Adult Game Pass is a site that features games from the same developer, so you will see the same character design and graphics style throughout the collection. All the games are new. I don’t know exactly when each of them was launched, but they were all built in HTML5. That means amazing graphics and also good game physics. And by the looks of it, it seems that they put in a lot of time and work creating the titles. That’s because all characters have amazing details. The dicks are veiny, the pussies are getting wet and the girls wear makeup. When it comes to body design, the ladies all look like they are in their 20s, with big boobs and nice asses. What I like is the thing they did with all the cum play and cumshots. They really took the time to put in some flow in all the jizz that covers the sexy characters. All in all, from a technical point of view, the games are well crafter.

Review Pros

  • Rough Sex Gameplay
  • Games Come With Story-lines
  • Nice Member Area Design

Review Cons

  • No Petite or MILF Characters

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