The Game of Bone

The Game of Bone – GoT But Full Naughty

There are many shows that give us naughty fantasies, but no show in the history of entertainment has had the same effect over our sex dreams than Game of Thrones. There were so many fan-art stories and wallpapers with the characters in naughty situations. Not that the show didn’t already gave us naked characters in the real deal. And there are so many porn movie parodies exploring the lore of the GoT in sexy ways. And now you can even play the fantasies inspired by Game of Thrones in the new XXX game spoof. It’s called The Game of Bone and it’s one of the best sex game parodies ever made. It has your favorite characters acting like total whores, family taboo fantasies and amazing graphics. Let’s see what makes this title so amazing in the following paragraphs of this fresh review.

The Characters

I bet that the first thing you think about when you hear about a GoT XXX game is regarding to the characters who made it in the game. Well, in my opinion, they chose the sexiest and most sexual characters of the series. I’m talking about Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister and my personal GoT crush, Margaery Tyrell. And the graphics are unmatched in the world of adult gaming. It’s a game from the new HTML5 generation, which means realistic characters. They managed to recreate the famous babes so well in the virtual world, that you will feel like you’re watching the original game. Besides the hot girls, there’s one more famous character who gets his dick in their pussies. I’m talking about everyone’s favorite, Tyrion Lannister. Now let’s talk about all the naughty adventures these characters go through in The Game of Bones.

Sex Scenes In The Game Of Bones

The sex scenes that you will get to experience playing this game are going to blow your mind. My favorite of them all is a lesbian threesome in which Daenerys, Cersei and Margaery are pleasing each other’s holes with ass licking, pussy eating and fingering. Next, for the intensity of the scene, I like another threesome, one that involves family taboo action. Tyrion and Cersei are joined by Margaery in a threesome on the iron throne, which comes with an awesome double blowjob and cum kissing. Talking about cum play, there’s also a gang bang in which Cersei orders some guards from the King’s Landing to fuck her brains out and cover her in fresh sperm. And what kind of a GoT porn game would this be if it wouldn’t feature the most famous sex scene in recent TV history. I’m talking about the scene in which Daenerys lost her virginity to Khal Drogo. And you will get to enjoy that scene in an interactive manner. There are several other scenes that I’m going to let you discover on your own. All in all, it’s an excellent porn game parody and you can play it right now, for free, directly into your browser.

Review Pros

  • The Best GoT Parody
  • Gangbang, Family , And Lesbian Scenes
  • Next-Gen Graphics

Review Cons

  • Characters Don't Have Voice-overs

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