Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator – The Game That Has It All

Sex Emulator is one of the next-gen sex games on the internet. Besides the fact that it comes with incredible graphics, it also comes with something we all want but we don’t always get from our adult games. And that’s a high level of customization. They have a customization feature that’s rarely available in other games. From the top of my mind I can recall only one game that offers it. I’m talking about ethnic customization, the element that made me fall in love with this game. I’ve had my fun with this game and it’s super-efficient in helping men have a good time. I’m sure you’ll enjoy every moment of it. I’ve written this fresh review to help you better understand why this game rules.

Create Your Dream Girl

I love how the game starts. You will be welcomed by one of the most sensual and seductive voices in adult gaming. It will walk you through the customization menu. You can choose the intensity of your sex fantasy, and then you get a customization menu where you can choose a name for your girl. Then you choose her ethnicity. For the moment only white, Asian and Ebony are available, but I’ve heard that they will expand the game and I hope they will also include Latina in the mix. You also get three choices of hair color and breast size. Finally, you will get 300 points to spend on a skills menu. The skills will give your character special abilities in sucking, pain endurance for BDSM kinks, anal sex and feet play. You can max out all these kinks in gameplay. Once you created the perfect girl is time to have fun with her. All the naughty actions you can put your character through will be available in a well-organized menu from which you will choose the kink you want her to perform. The kinks start from soft ones, like fingering and anal play, to more extreme like fisting, squirting, and impact play. There are also some fetishes included in the gameplay, such as furry and tentacle fantasies.

Graphics and Extra Features

The graphics in this game are really something. The realism of the characters comes from the little details in their design. For example, when they patiently sit on the couch waiting for your commends, they aren’t stiff and lifeless. They actually breath, wink and smile at you. When they move, their titties are bouncing and their hair waves. On top of that, a great feature of the game, which isn’t present in most titles, is the dialogue. The girls are talking all the time. Every action comes with another line and their voice is so sensual that you can cum only by listening to their comments and moaning with your eyes closed. Another extra feature of the game is the camera angle and zooming options. You can change from which angle you want to enjoy the action and you can zoom in on their sexy body parts. If you like a moment, you can simply screenshot it with the push of a button. Also, you can change the background in which the entire action is taking place. You can enjoy your fantasy in a castle, on the beach, in a classroom and even in space. The game is also available in two other languages: French and German. And guess what? When you choose another language, the dialogue will come in that language. That’s when you know the developers really walked the extra mile.

Enjoy This Well-Crafted Game

Sex Emulator really surprised me with all the unique features it offers to its players. It’s one of the most carefully crafted sex simulators of the moment. The ethnic customization, the hot dialogue, and the fact that everything comes in three languages are signs that the game is worth your time. And this is only the free version. You can sign up for the full version, in which much more sex acts and customization options will be unlocked, and with comes with a special bonus. That special bonus will come with famous characters you can have some fun with, including Hermione, Black Widow, and Daenerys. And I’ve heard that they will keep expanding the game. I can’t wait to see how the game will look like in a year or so. I’ll make sure to come back and update the review when the final version is out. But even so, Sex Emulator is offering much more than other games can bring to the table.

Review Pros

  • Lovely Character Customization
  • Hot Dirty Talk
  • Many Kink And Fetish Actions

Review Cons

  • Some Features Need Unlocking

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