BangerLands 3


Bangerlands 3 - The Borderlands XXX Game Parody

There are many game parodies on the internet, but most of them are taking advantage of our fantasies and they offer us some basic sex scenes with our favorite characters. Bangerlands 3 is different. Besides the amazing sex scenes in which you get to enjoy countless kinks, they also come with interesting gameplay. They changed the plot of the story a bit, so that they can incorporate some mad sex acts. But the gameplay that takes you to those acts is also interesting. At the moment, I could go as far as saying Bangerlands 3 is the best adult porn game parody that can be played free directly in your browser. Here’s what makes me say that in the following review.

Wild Interplanetary Sex

The story of this game takes you through the universe of BorderLands 3, hopping from planet to planet, completing missions and achieving erotic rewards. The missions are not as easy to pass, so if you like exciting and captivating gaming, this title will satisfy you. On top of that, the rewards are just what you need for your naughty fantasies. The game comes with multiple kinks, such as gang bangs in a dive bar in which crazy dudes take turns on a helpless girl, space shuttle love making, or feet play action. I love the fact that they made one of the characters a trans babe and you can play a scene in which she fucks one of the hot chicks in the game. I’m not going to spoil the surprise for you. Another thing that I love are the Calypso twins scenes in which they engage in some family threesome action that will blow your mind. There’s also a lot of lesbian action, even a lesbian orgy that will entertain you. Most of the sex in this game is pretty aggressive, so make sure you’re OK with hardcore action before you start playing.

Excellent Graphics in Bangerlands 3

When I review a porn game parody, the thing that I care about the most is how similar the graphics are to the original title. And when it comes to Bangerlands 3, I must say that I am pretty impressed. It has the same comic book design and they made all the pussies, asses, dicks and tits follow the same design logic, so they won’t look unnatural. I love all the details on the characters, such as their outfits, all the tattoos and their makeup. The graphics radiate that post-apocalyptic world feeling, especially with the help of the backgrounds and settings in which the action takes place. There’s also some dialogue in the game, which has excellent voice overs, and proper sex sound FXs. All in all, an excellently crafter xxx video game, created in 2019, which comes with a lot of action that will please any naughty gamer out there. You won’t need to download it and you won’t need an account. All you need is a kinky mood and you’re ready to enjoy Bangerlands 3.

Review Pros

  • Gameplay Features Lots Of Kinks
  • Famous Characters
  • Sexy Dirty Talk

Review Cons

  • Might Load Slow On Android

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