DickDolls – The Awesome Shemale Simulator

There are many sex simulators, in both the straight and gay gaming world. But there aren’t enough games to bring these two worlds together. Luckily for us, a new game came out that does just that. It’s called DickDolls and it’s a shemale sex simulator. But we could better call it a hermaphrodite sex simulator, because it features hot chicks with big tits who besides massive dicks also have vaginas. How does that work? Well, the designers of the game decided to get rid of the balls on these characters, and instead give them juicy pussies right under their cocks. That opens up so many possibilities for kinky game play. Check out our review to find out everything about how this game works.

Chicks with Dicks and Pussies

As mentioned previously, the girls in this game have both dicks and pussies. But that’s not the only thing that matters about them. They are also realistic, with amazing body details. Their skin looks so real, with goose bumps, with nice folds and crevasses in their curves, with pretty faces and anatomically correct proportions. They went as far as giving these dolls some really hot makeups. They are all vixens, whose nice forms, big boobs and round bouncing butts will hypnotize you. Besides the girls with dicks, you also get regular girls, who are getting fucked by the trans characters. I love the details on the genitals of this game’s characters. All of them are different, and they feature clits, labia and veiny shafts. On top of that, they get wet and they stay gapped when a cock is taken out of them. The realism of DickDolls will make you think you’re watching a dirty Pixar animation. It’s arguably the best shemale porn game ever made and it’s amazing. Now let’s talk about the sex in it.

Glamour Shemale Sex in DickDolls

DickDolls is one of the games with the most sensual, but at the same time, dirty sex in the world of online sex gaming. Most of the action is between trans characters and regular girls, who are getting dominated, having their pussies filled but also their throats fucked by the shemale babes. There is also trans on trans sex to be enjoyed in this game, and it takes advantage of the pussy-dick dualism of the characters. The sex scene that impressed me the most is the solo one, in which a horny dick doll is masturbating by stroking her shaft while the tip of her cock is in her mouth and fingering her wet trans pussy. She has a double orgasm, squirting on her fingers while also cumming in her own mouth so much that the sperm burst out of her nose. It’s one of those games that take advantage of the liberties offered by the virtual world and depicts some of the wildest fantasies imaginable. If you have a naughty mind, you can’t pass this game. It can be played for free, directly into your browser, and it’s going to make you cum in minutes.

Review Pros

  • Naughty Sex Scenarios
  • Playable Self Cumshot Scenes
  • Amazing Character Details

Review Cons

  • Game Is Big Might Load Slow

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