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West Sluts – The Game With Real Cowgirls

West Sluts is a western themed porn game part of the new adult gaming generation, coming with incredible graphics and awesome character designs. The whole environment where the gameplay takes part is also impressive. It’s a game that comes for both the fans of Westworld and Red Dead Redemption. It has some elements from both these games. If you ever dreamed yourself in the Wild West, being an outlaw and traveling from town to town looking for fights and easy pussy, this game sure satisfies that fantasy. Let’s take a closer look at this game and see what makes is so cool.

Characters and Design in West Sluts

The characters of this game are stunning. They have that mystery of the babes from Westworld. Or maybe it’s because the girls in the Wild West are tougher. You will get two kinds of babes in this game. On one site there are the cowgirls, with cowboy hats, sexy leather cowboy boots and a gun belt. The fact that they have a gun at their hip makes them so badass. On the other hand, there are the prostitutes, who are waiting for clients in the saloon with those big CanCan dresses, ready to lift them up and be railed from behind over the piano. All characters in this collection are vixens. They have big boobs and nice round asses, long legs and a hourglass shaped body. What I like about the girls in West Sluts is the attention to details. Since this is a game that takes place in the 1800s, the girls have hairy pussies, as they used to have back then. But it’s the sexy kind of hairy. And they also have tan lines, since they sit all day in the scorching Sun of the desert. The attention to details also went into the design of the outfits.

Gameplay and Graphics

The graphics of West Sluts look amazing. That’s because it’s one of the newest games on the market. For a game that can be played directly into your browser, it’s pretty next-gen. You can get used to this amazing graphics style, because most of the games will look like this in a year or two. West Sluts is a bit ahead of it’s time. The gameplay is also satisfying. There’s a bit of a back story to the game and your adventure will follow a plot line. The girls you will fuck are some kind of missions you have to complete. As for the sex, all kinks are covered. You can fuck all holes of these girls, you can fuck them in many positions, play with their pussies and lick it, punish them a bit if that’s what you want. Everything an outlaw would do to a sexy broad he met in the wild west. This gameplay really puts you into that western spirit. So, get on the site and start playing! Real cowgirls are waiting to ride you in this game.

Review Pros

  • Plenty Of Sex Actions
  • Excellent Character Design
  • Detailed Game Environment

Review Cons

  • Website Offers Just One Game

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