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Violent Sex Games – For The Hardcore Gamers

If the porn you watch is featuring mostly aggressive loud sex, then you need a game collection that will match your taste in adult entertainment. The site that can offer you that is Violent Sex Games. I know that the mane seems a bit too much, but trust me. It brings some of the roughest games that the internet can offer right now. And all of them are free. On top of that, all of them can be player in your browser. You will get multiple fantasies, fetishes and scenarios, from realistic sex simulators to wild monster games. The characters are all amazingly designed, in the latest HTML5 graphics available in the industry. These are brand new games, launched in the past two years, and it’s the first time they are offered all at once for free. Grab this one of a kind offer and enjoy the wild gaming. But firs, read our Violent Sex Games review down below.

The Crazy Action

First of all, let’s start with the more down to Earth titles. There are games based on common fantasies we all have. Like for example, the teacher fantasy game, in which a busty teacher with glasses wants you to pound her hard in the ass in front of the classroom. At the same time, the site comes with one of the wildest threesome game on the internet, in which you will play a Chad who has two hot and horny girls pleasing all his needs, competing on sucking his dick and even liking his asshole, before he fucks the hell out of them. In other games, the action gets even more violent. There’s a BDSM game in which you can play as either a master or a mistress and your goal will be to punish some helpless slave girls in a deserted mental asylum. Because no rough gaming site wouldn’t be complete without monster games, Violent Sex Games comes with some monster titles in which you will play as zombies or aliens, chasing girls and forcing yourself onto them, fucking them until they realize that in fact, monster and alien cocks are not that bad, and they end up enjoying the action. Finally, if you want something crazy, how about a xxx game parody, in which Judy Hops, the rabbit police lady from Zootopia is furiously riding your cock in some amazing anal gameplay scenes. So, there you have it. Rough sex, BDSM, monster games and even some anthro-furry action, in a violent collection of adult gaming. Let’s talk now about the graphics.

Graphics and Game Styles on Violent Sex Games

The collection of Violent Sex Games doesn’t feature exclusive in-house produced titles. Instead, it comes with games from different studios. That’s why you will find different character design and gaming modes in the collection. But all these games are coming in HTML5. The oldest game in the collection is the BDSM one I mentioned above, and even that one looks amazing. Not to mention that the newest titles, such as the furry game, looks so realistic that you will think it was made by Pixar. In most games, the characters are classic vixens, who appeal to the male fantasy with massive tits and some nice round bouncy asses. There are a couple of titles bringing some skinny petite girls in hardcore sex action. I love the fact that in most of these games you can see the girls getting wet and some of them are even squirting from all the rough drilling they are getting. Most of the games are focused on sex action, and although there are some stories in the titles, you won’t get to play any non-sex missions.

The Gaming Platform

All the games of this site can only be played online. There is no download option, so you can only enjoy them when connected to the internet. But on the other hand, you can also enjoy them on mobile, as long as you have an Android or iOS device. All the games are free, but because of that, the site has to feature some advertising in the member area. Nothing that will mess with your gaming experience though. The member area is a classic one, with browsing tools, comment sections and rating buttons, which offers an excellent and safe user experience. I’ll let you go with a warning. The games are pretty obscene at times, so make sure you have you’re in a dirty mood on when you hit the play button.

Review Pros

  • Android and iOS Ready
  • Extreme Sex Gameplay
  • Astonishing Game Physics

Review Cons

  • Some Games Lag On iOS

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