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Sex Simulator – The Ultimate Fantasy Builder On The Internet

There are many sex simulators on the internet, but this is Sex Simulator, with capital letters. It’s the ultimate fantasy builder out there. With many customization options for both the characters, the sex adventures and the intensity level of the hardcorness, this game managed to explode in popularity. It’s also because the fantasies are not limited to simple sex. You can add a bit of excitement by choosing all kinds of naughty scenarios in which you will enjoy the action. But what matters the most, the kinky gameplay action, is the best feature of the title. First of all, the graphics are amazing and the camera angles are giving you the best interactive experience, allowing you to see all the details of these hot babes. And secondly, all your favorite naughty kinks can be experienced in the game. A modern title with all the features that new HTML5 games are bringing. I’ve had some fun with it for a couple of nights, and I must admit that it is very efficient in hitting that sweet spot of the players. You will sure be satisfied by the incredible action, but before you go play, let’s take a closer look at why this game is so exciting in the following paragraphs of the Sex Simulator review.

Custom Fantasy Builder

First of all, Sex Simulator has earned so many fans and players because of the increased level of customization available in the game. Everything starts with you choosing the fantasy you want to live. You can play as either a man or a woman. And you can have sex with either a woman, a man and also with a trans character. If you choose the woman, you will also have three additional options. You can fuck a teen girl with a petite body and a tight ass, a MILF chick, which is actually a vixen with nice curves, or a mature character, which is something rare in the world of adult gaming. After you customize these things, a warning will pop up on the screen, letting you know that some of the sex acts in the game might be disturbing for some players. That’s because the game will take you through a series of scenarios and sex acts that can get a bit rough at times. I’m not going to give away the entire gameplay. I’m just going to tell you that there’s a lot of hardcore anal in the game, some bondage experiences, deepthroat face-fucking, and lots of screams.

Character Design and Graphics

Sex Simulator is one of the newest games on the market. It was launched less than a year ago at the moment of writing this review, and it was created in HTML5. The graphics are unmatched by most of the simulators out there. The characters were designed in the Overwatch porn game style. That means they are super sexy and realistic, while still maintaining that videogame look. The babes are luscious, with popping curves, with cute faces and with body details that make them seem real. That’s how the realism is done in this game. I don’t know if you are familiar with the uncanny valley effect, which makes overly realistic gaming characters look creepy. Well, that’s why the realism of these characters is done through game physics and body details, rather than trying to emulate perfectly the human appearance. And the game physics that makes the babes look real, also makes the action hotter. For example, I love hot the asses and tits of the girls are bouncing when they get railed. I love how their hair movies, and how they change their facial expression when you take the cock out of their pussies and jam it in their ass. They have pussies that are getting wet, asses that stay gapped when you take your cock out, and they cry mascara tears when you fuck their throats. From a designing and graphic perspective, Sex Simulator is quite superior to other games in the niche.

Technical Aspects of Sex Simulator

Sex Simulator is a browser-based game, meaning that you won’t need to download it before you play it. Just access the link of this review and start having fun. You can enjoy the game on your computer, or on your phone or tablet, as long as you have a iOS or an Android device. In most cases, the game loads pretty fast on computer and for maximum performance, the developers are recommending Chrome as main browser from which to enjoy the gameplay. When it comes to mobile gaming, there are some players who reported a long loading time, but that’s because the game is big and it might take a while to start on mobile data. As long as you have a decent connection, you shouldn’t have to worry too much. This is where a download option for the game would come in handy, but there is no such thing available for the moment. When it comes to in game menu, things are pretty intuitive. The actions you can experience in the game are displayed through suggestive icons, there are a couple of tutorial messages here and there and everything is played with your mouse.

Conclusions about Sex Simulator

Sex Simulator is great from all perspective. I still think they should offer a download option since the game is pretty big and not everyone has good internet connection all the time. But even when the game loads slow, waiting a couple of minutes to play it is still worth it. Also, the game is not featuring any dialogue, but it has hot sex sound FXs, with moaning, screams and ass-clapping sounds. Other than that, there are no downsides to the game. Sex Simulator is one of the newest games and by the looks of it, I would say that the future of online adult gaming is going to be awesome. Take a peek at that future by playing Sex Simulator.

Review Pros

  • Includes Mature and Trans Characters
  • High Fantasy Customization
  • Realistic Movements

Review Cons

  • Might Load Slow On Mobile Data

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