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Foot Fetish Games – The Interactive Feet Play Experience

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a good feet-play every now and then. I enjoy it in porn, when my favorite porn star gives a good foot job and gets her toes covered in fresh jizz. But I also enjoy the interactive experienced offered by a good foot play porn game. However, there weren’t so many sources of good feet play porn games on the internet. That until now, because Foot Fetish Games has been launched. And it exceeded all expectations. It’s a porn game site will all new titles, which are coming with incredible graphics but also with excellent action. It’s rare that you get to see such a diverse representation of the feet fetish fantasy. So many scenarios and stories in which hot girls are working on cocks with their feet will please any enthusiast of this fantasy. You can read all about them in our Foot Fetish Games review.

The Many Forms Of The Feet Fetish

From the start, I am going to say that this website has a collection that understood the feet fetishist. They understood that it’s not just about feet on cocks. It’s also about the background stories that are making the action more exciting. First of all, there are the foot job simulators on the site, which are coming with girls performing all kinds of feet play without a story. But then there are the fantasy games. In one game you get a fairy that works her feet magic on your cock. In another game you get Harley Quinn who gives you a foot job, but this time she is a shemale. There’s even a World of Warcraft game on Foot Fetish Games, in which a night elf is pleasing you with her feet. The many positions in which the girls are giving you feet jobs are also adding to the diversity of the action. Some girls give the classic, sitting on their butts between your legs, but others are in doggy style and they let you watch their holes while their soles are caressing your cock. In most of these games, you will also get to enjoy one of the greatest features of the feet play fetish. I am talking about babes who are eating their feet cumshots, licking the sperm off their toes while looking straight into the camera. All in all, an excellently crafted collection which satisfies all aspects of the feet fetish.

The Characters In The Foot Fetish Games

The diversity on Foot Fetish Games is also covering all the different body types that please men. Although most of the characters of the games are curvy vixens with massive asses and big boobs, you will get young girls with slander fit bodies, and also tiny petite characters who look like they would be ripped apart if the cock they please with their fit would be shoved in their pussy. Another thing I love about the characters in this game are all the outfits they wear and makes them sexier, but also the details on their feet, which are anatomically correct and have features like painted toe nails or ankle bracelets. And not to mention how awesome cum flows on their feet, soles and toes. It’s because of the modern HTML5 game physics that the movement in these games seem so natural. When it comes to camera angles, you will get some games offering you a POV experience, but also others in which the babes are filmed from the side of from up front, to give you a more panoramic view over the action.

Play The Foot Fetish Games for Free

All these games are coming to you for free, through the link on our site. You won’t need to create an account or anything. Just get on the site, browse the games, choose the one that seems the most exciting to you and start playing. But if you have a feet fetish, no matter what game you will choose, it will be what you need to cum in minutes. The collection of Foot Fetish Games comes with enough games to please you for many nights to come. You can play them on both your computer and mobile device, as long as the phone or tablet are running on iOS or Android. I’m so happy that we finally get a website entirely dedicated to the feet play fetish, with new titles coming with modern graphics. I played all the titles and I’m sure that once you get on the site, you won’t be able to play any other games until you finished the entire collection.

Review Pros

  • Various Feet Play Scenarios
  • Modern Graphics
  • Smoking Hot Characters

Review Cons

  • Some Ads On The Site

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