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Fucked Up Sex Games – The Complete BDSM Experience

BDSM is one of the most frustrating porn genres to watch. At least for me. I have that urge of dominating someone, and sometimes I just feel like I want to submit. But watching BDSM porn doesn’t calm down that urge as it does in all the other fantasies that I have. It only accelerates it. However, there’s one thing that can make me feel some of the thrills of having someone under my command. And that something is a good BDSM porn game. I’ve searched for many bondage games sources and one of the most satisfying I’ve found is Fucked Up Sex Games. As the name strongly suggests, the action in this collection is pretty fucked up. That’s why the site even has a warning that let’s you know you’re about to experience some hardcore action in these movies. And if your mind is dirty enough to take what’s in this collection, I invite you to read our fresh Fucked Up Sex Games review and then enjoy every title they have to offer.

Three Games Modes For Your Fantasies

What I like the most about Fucked Up Sex Games is the fact that they understand that our BDSM fantasies take many shapes and sizes. It’s not always the light bondage that you find in stories like 50 Shades of Gray and it’s not always the hardcore punishment sessions like the ones on Kink.com. It’s always both and everything in between. That’s why the games collection of Fucked Up Sex Games is featuring everything. There are three level or bondage games on this site. There’s the erotic one with girls getting their hands tied and blindfolded before they get fucked by a dude with a massive dong. After that there’s the hardcore category, where the girls get pleased with pain, which includes anal, crazy toy insertions and impact play. And finally, we have the extreme category, with brutal bondage where all the pleasure is felt by the dominator and the slave feels only pain. Depending on your mood, you can choose any game of these categories, and you will be satisfied.

The Graphics and Tech Details

The graphics in these games are all new. The games were developed after 2016 and they all come in HTML5. The characters look so realistic because of all the small details on their bodies. First of all, what I always check when it comes to a BDSM porn games collection is the facial expressions of the characters. I want the slaves to look like they are going to pain. And the girls in the Fucked Up Sex Games have that feature. They also have responsive bodies, with skin that reddens and bruises. When it comes to body type, there’s enough variety in these characters. Some are vixens, with massive tits and big round asses, while others are skinny fit babes with abs and natural looking perky boobs. As for the dominators, you will get to play both as a master or a mistress. But the slaves are all girls. Punish them tonight in this online free porn game collection.

Review Pros

  • Excellent BDSM Fetish Depiction
  • Characters With Responsive Bodies
  • Sizable Collection

Review Cons

  • No Downloadable Games

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