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Monster Sex Games – A Girl’s Worst Nightmare

As one of the dirtiest kinks in the world of adult gaming, the monster games are really spiking at the moment. I don’t know what caused this hype, but I’ve noticed that more and more sites are starting to feature monster games in their collections. More so, there are sites only focusing on this kink alone. One site in this niche is Monster Sex Games which comes with a collection of free and new xxx games featuring scary creatures with big dicks, chasing, catching and fucking hot helpless human girls in some of the most twisted and dirtiest ways you could imagine. If you like to dominate girls and if you want to see them scared while you unleash your dirty wrath on their asses, this is the collection you’ll want to play. Let me tell you more about the features of the site in the following paragraphs of Monster Sex Games.

The Extreme Monster Sex

Monster Sex Games shows no mercy for the girl characters. They placed a warning on the website, letting people know that what will see is obscene and scandalous. So, if you get easily frightened or offended, just skip this game collection. But if you can take even the dirtiest gameplay, this is a site you’ll enjoy. Most games are featuring monsters with huge cocks who are forcing themselves on hot babes. There’s face fucking in the games, a lot of anal sex, and also some BDSM elements. One game is a bit different than the rest, in the sense that in this title, the action is reversed. The monsters are the ones who are slaves in the dungeon of a hot and horny dominatrix, and she uses them for personal pleasure. Besides, the site also comes with an adventure monster game modeled after Tomb Rider, but with a bustier Lara Croft. In this game a horny anthropomorphic Anubis dog is chasing Lara Croft through a pyramid before he fucks the hell out of her. Then there’s also a hentai game in which the monsters are huge spiders with gross long tentacle penises who are torturing helpless anime girls. All the sex is extreme in the collection. It comes with screams and shouts, with massive cumshots and sexual torture. But what I like in some games is the fact that the girls turn out to like what’s being done to them after a while and they start enjoying the monster cock that scared them so much at first.

Monsters and Hot Babes

The games in the Monster Sex Games collection are all new and they come with amazing graphics. The girls are very hot and the monsters are scary. The site has a series of game form the same developers, with features the same type of monsters, who are some kind of zombies with green dicks and orc faces. Besides them, you also find anthropomorphic characters, a game with trolls, spiders and tentacle alien monsters. When it comes to the babes in the games, most of them are realistic 3D chicks. We’re talking about vixens with big boobs are bouncy asses. There are a couple of hentai games in which the characters look like innocent anime teens. I love the details on the realistic characters. They have amazing body parts and pretty faces. The realism of the girls is also enhanced by the physic engine of these collection. The movements are smooth and the body parts are responsive. From a graphic and design perspective, the games are excellent. I love the contrast between the beautiful women and the ugly monsters. What I also love are the facial expressions, which show disgust and panic on the girls, but which transform in some games into intense pleasure, which can be read on the face of the characters.

Bottom Line

Monster Sex Games is a new site and it has games from multiple developers. That’s why there are so different styles and approaches when it comes to the monster sex kink. But all games are worth playing. And you can play them all for free directly into your browser. New games will be added to the site in the future. I am really happy with what the site is offering. I’ve seen some of the games on other websites, but they were mixed in with all kinds of different adult game genre. The fact that we get them all in a site dedicated to this fetish it’s excellent.

Review Pros

  • All New Titles
  • Site Will Add New Games
  • Good Depiction Of The Monster Fetish

Review Cons

  • Can't Post Comments On The Site

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