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Pregnant Sex Games – Finally Something for Your Fantasy

The pregnant fetish is one of the most popular fringe fantasies on the internet. It is so popular that I don’t think we can call it fringe anymore. Besides the ton of porn that has been produced featuring pregnant porn stars, over the years, developers have satisfied our need for pregnant porn games. But each big game site has one or two games featuring this fantasy. That’s why I was so excited to finally get a site that focuses only on this kink. Pregnant Sex Games has been hunting down prego games from all over the internet, they bought the rights to them, and they featured the in one collection where you can play everything for free. They only had one criterion for the selection of these games. They all had to be developed in HTML5, so that you will get the most realistic and interactive experience. Your pregnant fetish is about to be satisfied in a way different from how the porn movies do it. Here are some of the features of this site in the next Pregnant Sex Games review.

Amazing Pregnant Characters

What I like the most about the fact that the site features games from multiple sources is the fact that we get all kinds of approaches when it comes to the design of the characters. Some babes are overly realistic pregnant, with means they have swollen tits with big puffy nipples, oversized clitoris, fat asses, big butts, and even thick ankles. At the same time, the site is even featuring games with pregnant teen babes, who look adorable with their big bellies and their cute faces. Since this is a gaming porn site, you will get those kinds of games who jump the reality line and feature some fantasy action. One of the best game which did just that is one featuring pregnant elves, who come with those sexy pointy ears and seductive white eyes. Some of the games are a bit older and some are newer, which means that you will see a bit of a difference in graphics. The newer games are featuring overly realistic characters, with lots of body details such as goose bumps, visible breathing, even makeup and complex facial expressions. But that doesn’t mean the older games aren’t good for you. When I say old I mean 2015 old, which is still a pretty good year when it comes to porn gaming.

The Gameplay

Another cool aspect about Pregnant Sex Games having games from all kinds of studios is the diversity of scenarios and pregnant fantasies that are going on in these movies. Let’s talk first about the realistic ones, most of which are basically pregnant sex simulators, in which you can enjoy all kinds of kinky things with a pregnant character. You can fuck them in many positions, have them ride your dick, or even push it down their throat. On the other hand, there are some games with fantasies and stories which are making the action even more exciting. In the pregnant elf game you will have to find the magical pregnant babe and fill her with cum. This game is excellent for the creampie fantasy lovers. Also, there’s even a monster sex game in which you’ll be a monster that has to impregnate sexy chicks who are giving birth to your tentacled offsprings. In most games, the pregnant chicks are in a submissive position. I would have liked to see some lesbian pregnant action on the site. But there are new games added to the collection every now and then and I hope we will get some lesbian pregnant games in the future.

Final Words

Although it’s one of the very few pregnant porn game sources, this site is offering some mad content. The games are fresh, they are shameless and some of them are very realistic in both character design and action. The action is so kinky at times that the site warns players to make sure they can take naughtiness. I really hope that they will add a lesbian pregnant game in the collection in the future. Other than that, I have nothing to complain when it comes to Pregnant Sex Games. It sure gets my recommendation. The fact that all these games can be played for free is pretty rad. You won’t even have to download them. Just follow this link on our site and you will be enjoying your pregnant fantasy in an interactive way.

Review Pros

  • Games From Multiple Sources
  • All HTML5 Titles
  • Up To Date Member Area

Review Cons

  • Doesn't Have Lesbian Pregnant Games

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