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Sex Slave Games – A Virtual Sex Dungeon

Sex Slave Games is one of those websites who doesn’t care about offending people. They have a warning that pops up when you enter the site and it lets you know that you are about to experience an extreme gameplay with many BDSM elements that can shock some people. If you think you can take the absolute mayhem that goes on in these games, then you are part of the target audience for which this website has been built. The games that can be found in this collection will take you through the entire BDSM universe. In all of them, you will play as either a master or a mistress, and your goal will be to inflict pain and fear on some helpless sexy slaves who are at your mercy. You’ll dispose of toys, sex torture devices and many wild game actions which will make your slaves scream and tear up. The realism in the games is unmatched by other collections. All the titles are new, created after 2015, and they come from multiple studios, which gives a lot of character and gameplay variety to the collection, but also different gameplay approaches. Let’s take a closer look at the action this website provides.

The True Hardcore Gaming

I must admit, BDSM games are my favorites. That’s because the the action is so intense and it can fulfill some of my darkest fantasies. And Sex Slave Games knows that this is what players want. The games of this collection will let you be the master of your dreams, or you can play from the perspective of the mistress. There are no games in which you will sexually torture a man, but there are some in which lesbian femdom is the main focus. When it comes to the things you will get to do to the slaves at your command, everything goes. You can tie them up in all kinds of crazy positions, you can stuff their holes with crazy looking painful sex toys, and make them feel pain through paddling, slapping, spanking and much more. The gameplay also involves hardcore sex action, with a lot of deepthroat face fucking in which some of the characters are crying mascara tears and even rough anal sex. Some games work as simulators, with no back stories. However, most of them have some kind of fantasy or plotline built into the action. There’s a game in which the action takes place in an insane asylum, one that will take you into a universe of sexy elves and monster masters, and even a game in which you will get to unleash your madness on a bride slave on her wedding day.

The Characters and Graphics on Sex Slave Games

Because Sex Slave Games comes with titles from all kinds of different studios, there are many designs and graphic approaches throughout the collection. But in most cases, you get the classic 3D virtual girl characters, with realistic looks and anatomically correct bodies. Most of them look like they are in their late 20s and early 30s, with a couple of MILF dominatrix characters, but no teen girls. I guess putting barely legal characters in such games is a bit too extreme, even though I’d like to see some of this action. When it comes to graphics, everything is excellent on Sex Slave Games. All the games were built in HTML5, and even the oldest one in the collection looks astonishing. The newest titles look so good and well crafter, that it will be hard to believe that they are actually free browser sex games. The details on the bodies are amazing. In some games, you can actually see the girls getting goose bumps when you push your dick in their asses. All the characters have responsive facial expressions and, in some games, you get responsive skin, which means that it will get read and even bruise during impact play.

Enjoy Sex Slave Games On Computer and Mobile

The collection of Sex Slave Games comes on an excellently designed website. It can be accessed from both computer and mobile device, but the games will only work on Android and iOS. This website is well organized, with browsing tools, rating options, and even comment sections under each game. There are a couple of ads on the site, because that’s how they can offer all these games for free. But none of the ads will interrupt your gaming experience. And the site is 100% safe. The players of this collection have no risk of malware or spyware. Now that you know what’s waiting for you, get on the site and start living your master fantasies.

Review Pros

  • Extreme Bondage Gameplay
  • Realistic Slave Characters
  • BDSM Simulators

Review Cons

  • No Male Sex Slaves

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