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FenOXO is the blog of an independent porn game developer who is so passionate about his craft that will convince you to start coding your own porn game. All he does he does with passion and dedication. On his blog you can read about his latest projects, future plans, and witness how a quality porn game is created. He uses this blog as a way of sharing his passion with the fans of his work. Every step in creating a game is described in detail in this blog. Also, he lets you play his games for free on his site and even download them. What a quality dude.

Enjoy Passion Porn Games

FenOXO might be one of the most passionate independent game developers on the internet. You can see that from the games he created, which are available for free on this site. If you go on the “Play” page, the games are available both for online play and download. So far, he created three titles. One of them is Trails In Tainted Space and the other two are the first episodes from a series called Corruption of Champions. What’s cool about playing these games is the fact that you can also read about how they were created. And they were crafted with care. Some of these games have so much dialogue that they can be considered interactive short novels. And the graphics is amazing. FenOXO creates whole new worlds in these games. Both of them take place in the fantasy realm and the story of the characters is just as interesting as watching them get in naughty action. If I were to explain how the games work and what the story is about, I would need a separate review for each of them. But if you like complex games with well craftier fantasy characters and a story that will keep you busy all night, then you should definitely enjoy this guy’s work.

The FenOXO Universe

I think FenOXO is trying to create his own porn gaming brand. That’s because he does way more on this site than developing games. He also runs a forum and a Discord channel where he’s in touch with the players and fans who support his work. Talking about support, he also has a Patreon account where you can donate to his projects. And I’m sure you will want to help this independent producer to create many more games, when you will see how much care and passion he puts in the titles he already created. He constantly works on improving them, working out the kinks and adding ideas that sometime come from his community. More than that, his community really shares his passion. They are active on the forum and they write their own fan fiction, which sometimes makes it in the games. If you like naughty writing and you want your wild dreams to be featured in one of the FenOXO games, then you should submit your work on his forum.

Review Pros

  • Active Forum and Discord
  • Games With Massive Stories
  • Complex Gameplay

Review Cons

  • Only Three Games So Far

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