Crazy Fake Taxi


Crazy Fake Taxi – A Game Inspired By A Porn Site

Crazy Fake Taxi is a porn game parody that’s based on the fantasy powering the Fake Taxi collection. I’m sure you know about the Fake Taxi porn site, in which a cab driver is fucking hot British chicks on the back seat of his cab. Well, this time you will enjoy that fantasy in a more interactive way with the Fake Taxi adult game parody. Not only that the game is based on an excellent idea, but it is also a well-crafted title. It offers customization for your fantasy and it has a lot of gameplay. Let’s see what makes it so cool.

The Many Possibilities in Crazy Fake Taxi

As I mentioned, there’s a lot of customization in this game. You will be able to choose both the driver and the passenger. Depending on what combination you choose, the sex will be different. And you will also get to pick the cab in the back of you will be banging hot chicks. There are three driver options. You will be able to play as a Jamaican guy with a huge black dick, but also as a woman, for some lesbian Fake Taxi adventures. The third option is a nice tribute the game pays for an old classic PC game, Crazy Taxi. The driver from that old game is a playable character here. If you had a computer in the early 2000s, you sure know what I’m talking about. When it comes to the passengers, three girls will be available for your adventures. One of them is a party girl, the other is a rich bitch and the third one is a known dominatrix. The customization doesn’t stop here. You will be able to gear up your cab, with suspensions and NOS boost. You’ll need these extra features, because you will have to complete the missions and drive the girls around in time if you want to enjoy their pussies on the back seat of the cab.

Graphics and Tech Features

Crazy Fake Taxi is not the newest adult game on the internet, so the graphics is not looking like it does in the latest titles. However, when it was built, the developing team put in some work and effort in creating a decent product, so it aged perfectly. And after all, if you are a true gamer, you know that the story and the gameplay matter more than the graphics when it comes to gaming. Well, that’s the case for this porn game. It really offers an excellent gameplay experience. I love the fact that the sex scenes come as rewards for completing the driving missions. It’s quite challenging and the combination of these two gameplay styles makes the game captivating. You will be playing this game directly into your browser. There’s no need to download or register. The game loads fast, it works on mobile and it comes for free. There’s no reason not to have some fun with this title tonight.

Review Pros

  • Multiple Character Options
  • Car Customization
  • Driving Missions and Sex Rewards

Review Cons

  • Graphics Are A Bit Older

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