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Gay Simulator – Live Your Gay Fantasies With Hentai Boys

Usually, sex simulators are trying to bring us overly-realistic characters in their games. But Gay Simulator is a bit different, because it’s based on a yaoi universe. In this game, you will get to experience a gay sex simulation with hentai characters. All of them are ripped and handsome and they are ready for your wild sex fantasies. There are lots of scenarios in Gay Simulator and lots of kink possibilities. And the best thing is the fact that it’s all free. Just enter and play! No registration, no download, no hidden stuff. Check out what the game brings in this next Gay Simulator review.

The Gay Simulator Sex Adventure

If you have gay fantasies, but you are also a fan of hentai and anime, this game will really hit the sweet spot in your sexuality. Everything revolves around a yaoi universe, in which you can select your characters and fantasy you want to experience. The game starts by letting you customize your fantasy. You can either be a top or a bottom. You can then choose if you want a partner who is a twink, an average guy or a muscular guy. Since this is a hentai-inspired game, there are no bear guy options. Then you can select the size of your character’s cocks. Finally, you will get to choose the scenario in which you will enjoy your fantasy. You can go for locker room sex between soccer team mates, gay lovers doing it in their bedroom, sex on an exotic beach and so many others. When it comes to the sex, you will get everything that makes you cum, from intense and deep blowjobs to ass drilling, and many cumshot options that will make the ending of the games interesting.

Graphics and Tech Aspects in Gay Simulator

Gay Simulator is a free browser-based sex simulator which only needs internet connection to be played. You can enjoy it both on your computer and on your mobile device. The graphics are built in HTML5 and they look pretty good. It’s not much different from a decent quality hentai, when it comes to aspect, but it’s an interactive hentai. The sound is adding hotness to the action. However, the audio part is only focused on sex sounds, such as grunts, moaning and some sensual music on the background. There is no speech dialogue and no text dialogue either. It’s a game that focuses only on the sex experience. That’s why it’s called Sex Simulator. The details on the bodies of the characters are pretty interesting. They don’t try to make the characters realistic, but they respect anatomical proportions. And all the guys are jacked, with realistic musculature. The characters also have tattoos, some jewelry and accessories, outfits to fit the fantasy of your choice and facial expressions to match the kinks you put them through. All in all, it’s a game that successfully combines the intensity of a sex simulator with your lust for hentai. Play it now!

Review Pros

  • Many Sex Positions and Kinks
  • Fantasy Customization
  • Detailed Characters

Review Cons

  • No Dialogue In The Game

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